Creating the ISO Library Folder in Xen Server

XenCentre doesn’t give the option to do this, so the CLI was the only option.

Step 1 – Creating the ISO Library Folder

Connect to the XenServer using SSH and then issue the following command:

mkdir -p /var/opt/xen/ISO_Store

Step 2 – Create a ISO Storage Repository

Issue the following command within an SSH session:

xe sr-create name-label=LocalISO type=iso device-config:location=/var/opt/xen/ISO_Store device-config:legacy_mode=true content-type=iso

FOR Larger ISO Repository 
“cd /var/run/sr-mount/1b042bc0-16b3-fa45-f94d-7a6e4e3dafbe/”
“mkdir -p ISO_Storage”

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