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duf: Check free drive space from the terminal

The “df” is a standard command in Linux, and Unix-like systems are termed “Disk Filesystem.” It is used to display consumed and available disk space for the specific file system.

Whenever you run this Linux command-line utility, it displays the amount of used and available blocks, total disk space, and a summary of where the file system is mounted.

The “df” command is a staple in the UNIX & Linux world for checking the free disk space, And the new mutation the “duf” performs much the same functionality but with a bit more flairs. The  “duf” running on the exact same system & terminal as the df screenshot above.

“duf” provides a bit snazzier look with improved readability & extra information. In fact, if you make the terminal just a bit wider, progress bars will display extra information on drive space usage stats like a responsive webpage.

Installation information & instruction can be found on Github. “duf” is available for Linux, Windows, Mac, Android & Free/OpenBSD.

To install on Ubuntu/Debian. The easiest way is grap the duf Debian package directly from Github and install it using dpkg package manager.
Run the following commands:

$ wget
$ dpkg -i duf_0.6.0_linux_amd64.deb

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